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The Falafel Fiesta Bowl

Dixie Schexnaildre

The Falafel Fiesta is a party on a plate! Super simple, delicious, and highly nutritious!

The tortured home scenario: you’re already feeling hunger pangs (you have just minutes until you are broken to the point of grabbing every junk-food within an arms length and shoving it into your mouth), you want to eat healthy, but you’ve worked so hard all day that you have zero desire to make an involved meal, or deal with the clean-up that often accompanies such a masterpiece. You don’t want to spend a fortune on take-away, plus, the time…

Voila! This is the perfect time to pull a dehydrated falafel mix from your pantry, add a few chopped veggies that you have on hand (or growing in your garden, if you’re as lucky as I ), place the creation on a bed of mixed greens and savor every bite of making the choice to treat your body, the environment, animals, and your wallet kindly!

This recipe is perfect for the dorm (all you need is a skillet, knife and a hot plate to prepare your food items); clean-up is a breeze with only one pan dirtied.

As always, I encourage you to find your inner-chef and explore the variety of ingredients that pair well with the flavors of falafel. I am posting below what I used in this photo. In fact, I won’t even create an ingredient list this time, so that you can create your own!
(or simply print this short page and highlight items for a grocery run!)
Enjoy cooking creatively and the health benefits that a plant-based diet bring!


  • In a prepared skillet (I used a mist of coconut oil), pour the dry falafel mix and allow to rehydrate with the appropriate amount of water (per box).
  • While waiting for the falafel, wash and place your mixed greens on a serving platter. Then chop: hearts of palm, tomato, onion (red is even tastier than the white pictured!), cucumber, and pickles-or, any veggies you desire.
  • Heat falafel on low until thoroughly cooked.
  • Plate and enjoy with an optional drizzle of olive oil, tahini, or hummus, a sprinkling of fresh cracked pepper, or any other topping you choose!