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Pizza de los Muertos

Dixie Schexnaildre

The idea behind this non-specific post is to remind families of how much FUN it can be to create meals together!

My son’s birthday is in the fall, which was the perfect time to come across a Dia de Los Muertos ‘sugar skull’ pan! You can still order them online (we ordered from Amazon…which reminds me, while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a copy of my [Dixie Schexnaildre] book, “Flying Sausage, In support of cruelty-free/vegan living”). 😉

Back to the pizza:

  • Find a cool pan of your choosing-or just grab a plain ol’ rectangle- as well as a vegan pizza crust. The crust we found was already thawed, but if you choose frozen, don’t forget to allot time in your preparation for thawing. Separate into TWO pieces (or, if you have a LARGE pan size, have two full crusts ready).
  • Decorate your pizza by using a finished photo as a guide.
  • Dice or slice the vegetables of your liking.
  • Place the vegetables in a pattern working from foreground to hind (think about what it will look like when flipped OUT of the pan), matching the desired shapes in your pattern. Don’t forget the delicious fresh, nutrient-packed herbs such as basil! Place second crust on top and bake according to crust directions.

Some of my relatives thought the ‘green’ in our finsihed product was pickle…it’s pepper! 😉

Find sauce in a non-BPA lined can, or make your own!

Bake according to dough directions. When finished baking, have an adult flip the stuffed pizza onto a serving tray. Finalize any decorating and allow to cool enough to enjoy!

You get to decide if you want to eat it in slices with utensils, or whole, as finger-food!

Buen provecho!