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Papaya Popsicles

Dixie Schexnaildre

What an ideal summer refreshment-a custom frozen treat!
(While I want to restate that I have zero affiliation with any brands or companies, may I highly recommend ‘Zipzicles’ BPA-FREE, recyclable bags for your homemade delicacies!)

Sometimes the warm summer weather encourages our produce to ripen faster than we desire. This recipe is a perfect way to utilize softening or previously-frozen fruits or veggies AND get the kids involved in a fun summer project! Some of the best perks to blending and freezing your own fruitpops include: the ability to control the quality of the ingredients, assure they were grown pesticide-free, and are absent of added sugars or fillers…such as insects or rodent hair, see FDA allowances with this link:


My tween and I like chunky fruitsicles, so I combined the whole berries from our recent blueberry-picking expedition with a few ripening raspberries and half of a papaya with a splash (about 1/4 c. total in batch) of prickly pear juice. I like coconut flakes and herbs (think: mint leaves!) in my frozen treats. Feel free to combine any flavors that work for your palate!

There is no set recipe, just a simple method:
blend your favorite fruits with a splash of juice -if desired (approximately 4 cups total liquids and solids combined will fill a dozen 2×9″ bags/plastic molds), to the texture of your liking or swallowing abilities.
This is the PERFECT method for making/storing baby food -once your doctor suggests complementary feeding, especially when your little one is in need of a cold teething remedy! Be sure to blend and filter all solids for those under the age of three/those with inability to swallow or any other condition which poses feeding difficulties, to prevent choking. You should always consult with your pediatrician before introducing new foods and learn the signs of food allergies. Proceed with complementary infant feedings of whole foods under medical supervision only.

Ingredients for the result in featured photo, plus 1/4 cup of prickly pear juice: