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Love Casserole With Variations

Dixie Schexnaildre

Anyone who understands the nightshade vegetable struggle will appreciate this belly-friendly dish!

Enjoy sharing this with those you adore (even if that’s only you!), because nothing spells an evening of love like s-m-o-o-t-h d-i-g-e-s-t-i-o-n!

if you do not struggle with legume bloat, then there’s no reason to avoid the temptation to add beans of some sort to this dish, one bite of the finished product will assure you that you’ve made the right choice, with or without! The ingredients in this meal are micronutrient-dense (chock-full of a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals including: calcium, protein, and vitamin A!), without reaching a high caloric threshold. It’s filling, satisfying, and incredibly tasty- win, win, WIN!

The method and preparation are simple, and nothing in it is exceptionally pungent to turn little ones away, making this a perfect family sit-down dinner idea or potluck contribution. Variations include adding a bit of nutritional yeast to the dish for a ‘cheesy’ flavor. Enjoy!


  • Approximately 20 ounces of Brussles sprouts- washed and stems cut.
  • 1 BPA-free can (14 oz) of full-fat organic coconut milk.
  • 1 bunch (about 1 cup chopped) fresh spinach- washed and shredded or chopped.
  • 1 whole Vidalia (sweet) onion, sliced.
  • 1-2 cups of fresh mushrooms (variety of your choice), cleaned and sliced.
  • 1 large sweet potato, washed and diced.
  • A handful of fresh okra (optional) cleaned and sliced. I used 6 from our garden this particular day.
  • A small amount of fresh dill, diced.
  • 1 TB of garlic powder (salt-free).
  • 1 TB of black pepper.
  • Sea salt to taste.
  • 2 TB fresh olive oil.
  • 1/2 cup of dry-roasted, unsalted pecan halves.
  • A dash of love.


  • Heat oven to 425 degrees F.
  • Layer all of the prepared ingredients in a casserole dish which has been lightly lined with olive oil (reserve the rest of the olive oil to bake).
  • Sprinkle with salt, pepper, olive oil, herbs (dill), garlic powder, pecan halves, and add the entire can of coconut milk. Stir lightly with your loving intentions to incorporate and distribute seasonings.
  • Bake until you can easily pierce a fork through the Brussels and sweet potatoes (approximately 35-40 minutes). Allow to cool before consuming. Enjoy!
  • In a variation I removed the pecans and dill, replacing them with about 10 ounces of vegan pesto (basil, garlic, oil, salt and pine nuts) and a little chopped celery before baking. All other directions remained the same. INCREDIBLY FLAVORFUL!
  • You could also consider stirring in a cup or two of pre-cooked legumes, as mentioned in recipe opener. Legumes make for a great flavor carrier!