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Incredible Oil-Free, GF, Salt-Free, Dehydrated Zucchini Chips

Dixie Schexnaildre

Guilt-free snacking at its finest! These flavorful, enriched crisps are perfect for those of us (ME!) who have a weakness for chips, yet are trying to reduce or eliminate oils. There are multitudes of seasoning options, but this particular –delicious– blend offers high levels of B-vitamins and plant protein! Nutritional yeast gives items a ‘cheesy’ flavor, keeping these kid-friendly too. Feel free to adapt the toppings to suit your seasoning pantry and taste buds (but I encourage you to try this blend, at least once!).

NOTE: Without any affiliation, I highly recommend ‘Bob’s Red Mill’ products- the brand of nutritional yeast used here- due to their commitment to quality ingredients, GF-sensitive processing, and customer-friendly service. I emailed them for source information on a particular seed product and received a prompt response with full-disclosure of where the seeds were grown (USA!).

As any dehydrator knows, consistency is key! If the slices of zucchini you are using are not the same thickness, they will not dehydrate at the same time and may be chewy.
If you do not have a mandolin or other measured slicer, take great care to make your hand-sliced cuts evenly. I did all of mine by hand, with the inconsistent slices being thrown into a casserole. Keep cooking fun, not stressful. It’s only food! No such thing as failing, just creating something different. 😉

REMEMBER: we are dehydrating and removing moisture for that crunchy texture we love so much; humidity is the enemy here. Once your chips have dehydrated thoroughly, do allow them to cool. Then, immediately store uneaten chips in an air-tight container, so that they do not absorb moisture and become soft. (While rehydrated zucchini chips would still be flavorful and edible, the point here is crispiness.)
Photographed method:


  • A large zucchini cleaned, thinly and evenly sliced. I aimed to make approximately 1/16"-thick slices.
  • Fresh cracked black pepper to taste. I used approximately 2 Tablespoons total for 2 pounds of zucchini.
  • White or rice vinegar, just enough to lightly brush each slice. Total used here was less than 1/8th cup for 2 pounds of zucchini.
  • Nutritional yeast flakes, any size. I used large and sprinkled with a slotted spoon. Approximately 1/8 cup- to taste.
  • One small red onion, thinly sliced.
  • OPTIONS: THIS IS A SALT-FREE, OIL-FREE RECIPE. Of course, you COULD replace the vinegar with oil and sprinkle your chips with salt, if desired, for a more authentic 'chip' flavor.


  • Heat dehydrator or oven to 158-160 degrees ( my auto settings, yours may vary). Plan to dehydrate about 4-5 hours. Monitor according to your machine to avoid burns.
  • I began with setting my thinly-sliced medallions on clean dehydrating trays. I lightly brushed each slice with vinegar.
  • Then, I added the toppings: red onion, nutritional yeast flakes, and cracked fresh black pepper.
  • I placed the trays into the dehydrator and set for 5 hours at 158 degrees. Dehydration time may vary.
  • You can monitor for doneness by feeling for the crispy consistency of a typical chip. If they still bend or are chewy, dehydrate for an additional hour or two, until they reach the desired crunch.
  • Allow to cool before eating.