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Finger foods are more fun! Skewered fruits and veggies (any food, really) are hard to turn down, even for the pickiest of eaters! They’re impressive and delicious party ‘dish to pass’ items. Place upright or lying side-by-side and watch them disappear!

Please use caution when considering skewer size for the age of the consumer. All skewered foods should be removed before inserting into mouth-especially monitor small children eating from skewers or toothpicks.

Place a discard container nearby for guests to dispose of used skewers (do not reuse unless they are metal and able to be sanitized).

Do not allow guests to turn them into ‘weapons’… serve with caution, knowing your crowd.

We are not responsible for injuries acquired from this or any of our recipes! Prepare foods at your own risk. (DO WE REALLY HAVE TO MENTION THIS?!)


  • FEEL FREE TO MIX UP ANY FRUIT OR VEGETABLES!! INGREDIENTS ARE FOR THIS RECIPE AS PICTURED: 2-4 pounds of grapes (any color, seedless work best)
  • assorted bite-sized tomatoes, I used yellow, red, and purple
  • 4 starfruit , sliced thickly enough to remain on skewer (about 1/4 -1/2 inch thick per slice)
  • pitted olives, I used about 3 dozen kalamata
  • torn basil leaves (about 1-inch sections)
  • head of cabbage if serving upright as pictured -disregard if placing skewers flat on a tray ( top of cabbage should be sliced to flatten for stability on serving dish ) Skewers will be pushed into this head for serving, but please wash -as grapes and other items may fall onto it
  • Swiss Chard leaves as garnish -optional

Additional Info

  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Beginning at bottom of serving bowl, layer chard as a colorful backdrop
  • Place cabbage, flat-cut side down
  • Skewer all fruit from point-side up
  • I made veggie skewers layering tomato/basil leaf/ olive
  • Fruit on their own skewer
  • Any leftovers- place around cabbage head for single bite-sized snacking.