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Cashew Cheese (dry to mimic parmesan), the kids won’t even notice!

Dixie Schexnaildre

Literally the easiest health swap EVER.


  • In your food processor, throw some raw cashews (I typically blend about a cup at a time) and add some dehydrated minced garlic or dehydrated onion, about 1/2-1 TSP.
  • Sprinkle in a touch of salt, if desired.
  • Grind until it looks EXACTLY like the ‘green-labeled sprinkle-cheese product’.
  • Pour it into one of that brand’s containers, if necessary, to make the swap acceptable to the kiddos.

Adjust proportions to your liking! COULD IT BE ANY EASIER?! No. Cashews deliver fiber, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium…blah blah blah (it’s TRUE!). Try it on your loved ones, let me know how it goes.

(See recipe for this full plating under “GF Vegan Basil and Olive Spaghetti")