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Blueberry Weight Maintenance

Dixie Schexnaildre

While I’m not a huge fan of fruit (for no other reason than I fortunately seem to have been born without a ‘sweet-tooth’) my opinion takes a turn if you present it to me in a frozen state!

My family and I LOVE to nibble on frozen fruits: grapes (ahem…which may or may not occasionally find their way into a glass of white wine to help chill without diluting…), chunks of mango/stone fruits-intended for smoothies, but it’s FROZEN BLUEBERRIES (wash and remove stems prior to freezing) that truly please this family on a hot summer day! Many people I know like to pour almond milk over a dish of frozen fruit, but for us, it’s finger food we enjoy most!

During our annual blueberry-picking outing, my son and I tend to gather about ten pounds of berries specifically for freezing and enjoying on the hottest summer nights in place of a sugary ‘popsicle’. They (like grapes) freeze semi-solid, so it slows down your consumption rate and increases satisfaction by providing various temperature and texture pleasures for your mouth. Warding off a craving for processed snacks by replacing it with a cup of frozen berries, can reduce your overall calorie consumption and your mouth gets to enjoy a variety of pleasurable sensations. All this enjoyment while sparking digestive juices to break down and extract the bio-available nutrients in a natural process without exposing your liver to chemical toxins (which are often found in preserved/shelf-stabilized foods). In addition to the mega-vitamin content (preserved in their frozen state), they offer antioxidants to help ward off sun damage from intense summer sun rays, as well as provide lots of filling and colon-cleansing fiber. You can’t go wrong with this healthy snack (assuming no allergies!)- no additional sugar required!