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‘Pickled’ Veggies

This recipe came about after a return from a vacation- a return to a beautiful garden explosion of various veggies. I do not like to can, it's a time-consuming/involved process to me, a process with details that my attention span can NOT handle. So,'What can I do (quickly) with these beans and ...

Pizza-Flavored Spaghetti Squash

Since I've posted several other spaghetti squash recipes, I won't dwell on the beauty and nutrient profile of this meal. I'll remind busy people that it's one of the fastest, most satisfying, aromatic, and texture-rich meals out there! This version took a total of 20 minutes, start to finish. ...

Nutritious Mung Bean Sprouts

Mung Beans may not sound sexy, so let's help make them visually appealing! They've never looked better than in this pretty dish, full of iron, Omegas, and bio-available amino acids!