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I have rarely met a hummus I didn't like. This garbanzo-based condiment is a household staple because of its flavor-enchancing ability (and also because it's so easy to make)! While I encourage you (ALWAYS!) to play with each of my recipes and customize the portions and add-ins to your personal ...

Polenta Cake Appetizers

FAST PARTY FOOD! This delicious appetizer is simple to prepare and less than 20 minutes hands-on. {Polenta cakes pictured here with our Roasted Baby Potatoes!}

Appetizer Romaine Boats

These appetizer boats of romaine hearts are PACKED with flavor! Homemade hummus is placed down the center, topped with fresh dill, cilantro, green onion, and red bell pepper strips. Simple, satisfying, and DELICIOUS! CRUNCHY, COOLING, HEALTHY, CHOC-FULL OF FLAVOR AND ANTIOXIDANTS!