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Cucumber Appetizer

An easy, refreshing, tasty appetizer exists! This nutrient-dense snack food is always a hit. Feel free to replace white beans with chickpeas, hummus style; or, blend the two for variety!


Finger foods are more fun! Skewered fruits and veggies (any food, really) are hard to turn down, even for the pickiest of eaters! They're impressive and delicious party 'dish to pass' items. Place upright or lying side-by-side and watch them disappear! Please use caution when considering skewer ...

STUFFED MINI SWEET PEPPERS- delicious vegan appetizer, GF, oil-free

This is the PERFECT snack to please a crowd! It's fairly simple, incredibly tasty, and packed with vitamins/iron/fiber/anti-oxidants...Olé! ALSO, since I operate honoring a 'waste not, want not' food philosophy, one of my favorite things about this particular recipe is the left-over ingredients ...