GF Vegan Basil and Olive Spaghetti

The adults appreciate the crunch. The Celiac-strugglers appreciate that it’s gluten-free; the vegans appreciate that it’s completely absent of animal products! That beautiful ‘cheese’ on top is purely a blend of raw cashews and dried garlic with a dash of salt. I topped it with a lycopene-rich sauce made of: tomato paste, garlic, diced mushrooms, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, and water. Then, I simply pitted some kalamata olives and ripped a few basil leaves from our herb garden to enhance the flavor. Delicious and ready to serve from start-to-finish in under 20 minutes! 


A yummy source for Olives. Please pit.

GF Vegan Basil and Olive Spaghetti


  • 1 cooled spaghetti squash ( preparation directions included, for those not pre-cooked)
  • cashew cheese (SEE OUR RECIPE! )
  • spaghetti sauce (Home made or canned)
  • Fresh basil (as many leaves as you like)
  • Kalamata Olives (One of my favorite brands)

Additional Info

To make this recipe in record time, poke washed squash with a sharp to allow for ventilation and microwave , flipping midway for 8-12 minutes (just until soft to the touch; allow to cool while you pit olives, blend cashews with dried garlic, and tear basil or warm tomato sauce). After slicing squash lengthwise, remove seeds. Use a fork to separate 'spaghetti' from peel. Place on dish and top with all of the above ingredients. Fast mid-week meal everyone can enjoy!

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