My interests are incredibly varied and I devour all of them with passion! As a long-time (decade) plant-based eater, avid lifestyle medicine researcher, and practitioner, I will share information referencing medical research on the health benefits of said lifestyle. This blog will contain original recipe ideas to make the transition easy!
Is a plant-based diet proper for all bodies? I am not a medical doctor, please find a vegan-friendly medical doctor with whom you can discuss your individual composition, goals, and concerns.
I’m thriving on a whole-foods, plant-based intake (WFPB) and believe you can, too!
If you’ve studied Ayurveda, you may be familiar with the differing doshas. I happen to be incredibly Vata, so I believe this is a factor in why veganism has naturally worked so well for me, but raw veganism did not.
I am not into following fads; the more knowledge gained over my formal studies relating to health, the more it felt right to align my eating with who I intuit I am and my place in the world. I’m happy to share what I have learned along the way.
Life is a journey, and it takes a village to …raise a village and to care for the planet! I look forward to enjoying your conversations and suggestions relating to how you embrace your cruelty-free place in our world!

Please check out my book ‘Flying Sausage, In Promotion of Vegan/ Cruelty-free Living’, as a conversation starter of WFPB with children! Available on Amazon, it features a few ASL (American Sign Language) words, some thought-provoking questions, and definitions of eating styles.
In addition to growing up with Deaf family, I have worked as a professional sign language interpreter for the past two decades which exposed me to a wealth of experiences! I continue to love, learn, and stay engaged in the field.

I am a licensed cosmetologist in the states of Michigan and California and a salon owner. In addition to the nourishing tips for your insides, I will share cruelty-free ideas for skin and hair health! Many companies offer cruelty-free beauty products, please do your due diligence prior to all purchases. We each have room to grow!

I concentrated my BA GST degree in Psychology: Addictions. I strive to post recipes without man-made, food-addiction-provoking ingredients like: sugar, excess salts, or processed fats (Hyman, 2009). I have training in Clinical Nutrition and Lifelong Weight Management, Fitness Consulting, Infant and Young Child Feeding, and Herbal Medicine. I am currently a graduate student, expecting a 2019 graduation with an MS in Complementary and Integrative Health degree, concentration: Integrative Addiction Therapies.
Disclaimer: Nothing I post is meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, nor cure any condition or disease. Everything I share on this site is simply a starting point for your own research. You should consult with a licensed health care provider before changing any dietary or lifestyle habits.

I want to be clear that on this blog, I do not accept ‘hate’ comments or condemnation of people who live their lives in a way that doesn’t echo another reader’s belief system. This not only includes eating habits/philosophies, but any religious/sexual-orientation/or other ideology. My goal for this page is to promote harmony and an awareness of how we are all connected to each other and Earth- and we are responsible for its care. This site is used to promote education, medical research, and awareness that eating a plant-based diet can help ward off lifestyle diseases(Le & Sabaté, 2014). Enjoying a WFPB diet also reduces the cruelty imposed on animals due to acts by factory-farming entities. Eating plant-based promotes a healthier overall body than does eating animal foods, “Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods” (Tuso, Ismail, Ha & Bartolotto, 2013, abstract). For that reason, I write health articles compiling information on related topics to encourage, not to chastise, those who do not (yet) follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Be well!

Ms. Dixie

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