My interests are incredibly varied- and I devour all of them with passion! As a long-time plant-based eater, mom of two incredible ‘kids’ (my adult child is vegan, the little- an omnivore), and wife of an open-minded/ trying-to-convert-to-only-plants husband, I will be posting ideas for bringing the whole family on board the plant-based wagon, as well as referencing medical studies regarding the health benefits of said lifestyle and original recipe ideas!
There is a consideration many have questioned me with; is a plant-based diet proper for all bodies? I personally believe a plant-based lifestyle can be tailored to meet anyone’s dietary needs. I happen to have a condition called Acquired Histamine Intolerance (HIT), which is incredibly restrictive. However, I’m thriving and believe you can, too! In addition, if you’ve studied Ayurveda, you may be familiar with the differing doshas – I happen to be incredibly Vata, so I believe this is a factor in why veganism has naturally worked so well for me. I am not into following fads, this has been a long time practice (nearly ten years!) of mine. The more knowledge gained over my formal studies relating to health, the more it felt right to align my eating with who I intuited I am and my place in the world. I’m not at a place of knowing if there’s any wisdom in saying some people should consume seafood, or such…please do your own research and consult with your MD (preferably a vegan doctor), but this plant-based lifestyle is right for me and I’m happy to share what I have learned along the way. Life is a journey, and it takes a village to …raise a village! I look forward to enjoying your conversations and suggestions relating to how you embrace your cruelty-free place in our world!

Check out my book ‘Flying Sausage, In Promotion of Vegan/ Cruelty-free Living’, as a conversation starter with children! Available on Amazon, it features a few ASL (American Sign Language) words, some thought-provoking questions, and definitions of eating styles.
In addition to growing up with Deaf family, I have worked as a professional sign language interpreter for the past two decades which exposed me to a wealth of experiences! I continue to love, learn, and stay engaged in the field.
I have also authored Math McGrath ( an introduction to shapes and measurement words) and Polly The Pig ( self-esteem booster) under ‘ Dixie Gielarowski’.
I am a licensed-cosmetologist in the states of Michigan and California and will share nourishing tips for your skin and hair, as well as your insides!

While my undergrad degree was a BA GST (concentration in Psychology: Addictions), I have focused my education to attain certifications in : Clinical Nutrition and Lifelong Weight Management, Fitness Consulting, and Herbal Medicine. I recently finished a Master’s Certificate Course offered in Programming for Infant and Young Child Feeding, and believe whole-heartedly that breastfeeding infants is best, if at ALL possible, to promote a lifetime of optimum health. I am not a medical doctor (although I’m working on becoming Dr. Dixie, and am currently a graduate student in a Complementary and Integrative Health degree program), therefore nothing I post is meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.
***Please note that everything I share on my site is simply a starting point for your own research. You should consult with your own health care provider before changing any dietary and lifestyle habits.

Be well!

I want to be clear that on my blog site, I do not accept ‘hate’ comments or condemnation of people who live their lives in a way that is dissimilar from any other reader’s lifestyle. This not only includes eating habits/philosophies, but any religious/sexual-orientation/ideology. My goal for this page is to promote harmony and an awareness of how we are all connected to this planet Earth and responsible for its care. This site is used to promote education, medical research, and awareness that eating a plant-based diet can help ward off disease and increase longevity (not to mention reduce the cruelty imposed on animals due to acts by factory-farming entities). Eating plant-based promotes a healthier overall body than does eating animal foods. ‘Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods.’ (Tuso, Ismail, Ha & Bartolotto, 2013). For that reason, I write health articles compiling information on related topics, not to chastise those who do not follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Tuso, P. J., Ismail, M. H., Ha, B. P., & Bartolotto, C. (2013). Nutritional Update for Physicians: Plant-Based Diets. [Abstract]. The Permanente Journal, 17(2), 61–66.